STRESS-LESS Blended Learning Program is Ready! You and Your Co-workers Can Benefit From It Free of Charge!
STRESS-LESS Blended Learning Program is Ready! You and Your Co-workers Can Benefit From It Free of Charge!
The main target customers of the blended learning programme are SME representatives and staff. The programme’s main goal is to deliver self-learning activities and materials for prevention and management of digital stress. The content is organized in 8 modules as follows:

MODULE 1: Digital Self-Awareness. Main topics: what self-awareness and self-reflection are, what the main steps of the self-reflection cycle are and how to discover which are our core values, effective methods for self-reflection.

MODULE 2: Agency and Trust. Main topics:  what is agency and how to build it; two effective techniques for emotion regulation; what is the importance of trust at work and how GDPR Law protects our data privacy.

MODULE 3: Single-Task Strategy. Main topics: what is single tasking; how it contrasts with the multitasking; a set of techniques for focusing, planning and implementing single-tasking in daily work.

MODULE 4: Business Communication in Digital Environments. Main topics: what are the differences in the etiquette of face-to-face and online communication, how to convey an online message in a proper manner and how to evaluate the online collaboration tools we use at work.

MODULE 5: Digital Transformation for Leaders. Main topics: how to transform our leadership actions in digital environments while we take care about: Basic Needs, Autonomy, Mastery, Belonging and Abundance Culture of our team members.

MODULE 6: Healthy Workstyle in the Digital Workplace. Main topics: which are the 4 most important components of the healthy workstyle and advices how to build them as a habit.

MODULE 7: Home Office Stress Management. Main topics: how to manage the stress level while working in home office; how to approach time management topic; how to set in between work life and home life and how not to neglect our rest and connection to other people.

MODULE 8: Work–life Balance in the Digital Era. Main topics: what we can do for ourselves in order to improve our work-life balance; how to use the ancient wisdom of stoic philosophers and some modern techniques to re-discover work-life balance in the digital era and be able to set back the boundaries where they belong.

The program can be found on the STRESS-LESS training web platform and on the Happiness Accelerator mobile app in English, German, Spanish and Bulgarian.

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