Training for Company Digital Stress Coaches
Training for Company Digital Stress Coaches
Nowadays a work place often asks for more than the “traditional” use of working with one screen, often requiring efficient handling of multiple screens, different technologies or flexible working locations. Many times, companies and teams are not prepared for these new occupational realities and challenges, even though stress factors, digital pressure and challenges could be reduced by applying the appropriate support mechanisms.

The Training Guide for Company Digital Stress Coaches addresses the objective to provide a training to selected persons with personal, technical, methodical and social communicational skills, field competence as well as capacity to act for coaching situations and support solution finding in the area of digital stress in their companies. In this sense they may also be considered as bridge or intermediator in between involved parties at the workplace or as a supporter to bring common interests together to one goal.

They shall be enabled to support individuals or groups – either employees or team-leaders and employers – by providing them support in the solution finding on digital stress reduction. In this sense this training shall provide companies the opportunity to train internal experts to act as points of contact for employees and managers regarding digital stress and to help them cope better with digital stress. Digital stress plays an increasing role in everyday life, especially in the work place as technologies are constantly and very quickly evolving, people have different knowledge and different needs, also different confidence in their abilities to understand and benefit from the technology products and service.  For the introduction of digital tools and personal wellbeing of staff working with them people will need more assistance to cope with future requirements.

Feel free to download the STRESS-LESS Training Guide for Company Digital Stress Coaches and use it.

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