Intellectual Output 1 (IO1) National Reports and Surveys
Within this output national general conditions – like legal framework and corporate health care regulations – are surveyed and national stakeholders as well as Best Practices are identified. SME-focused online survey is developed for every partner country. The aim is collection of information about the current use of digital tools in working processes (before, during and after COVID-19 crises), the corresponding stress level and weightings of stress factors, as well as the national knowledge status on digital stress and its effects, the already used prevention measures and future expectations.

The National Reports, National Adaption Plans and results of national surveys, as well as conclusions and recommendations are presented in a combined document named Project Report.
Intellectual Output 2 (IO2) STRESS-LESS Web and App
Within this intellectual output the project team is developing digital tools that are the carriers of the online training programmes and products of the project. Happiness Accelerator mobile app and a specially designed web platform provide the vehicle for implementing the digital learning programmes developed in IO3 and IO4. This allows for a learning process, suitable to the needs of the individuals (at their own pace and their own choice of time and place). Furthermore, they assist the process of habits development in order to ensure the sustainability of the training results. SMEs, their employees, managers and owners, VET teachers, trainers, mentors and coaches, HR managers are provided access to tailor-made digital training content, helping them prevent, manage and reduce digital stress.
Intellectual Output 3 (IO3) Blended Learning Solution for Digital Stress
The Blended Learning Solution is based on IO1 results and existing research/know-how available in the field of prevention and management of digital stress. The blended learning programme is developed for SME representatives for prevention and management of digital stress. The programme contains materials for self-learning by SME staff. It is available for free use and download on the STRESS-LESS web platform and on the Happiness Accelerator mobile application.
Intellectual Output 4 (IO4) Training for Company Digital Stress Coaches (Train the Trainer)
This material is created to enable business and organizational professionals with personal, technical, methodical and social skills as well as field competence to act coaches in the area of prevention and management of digital stress in their companies. It is based on results and findings of IO1 Project Report.
Intellectual Output 5 (IO5) STRESS-LESS Report
This is a scientific report which aggregates the evaluation of the developed curricula (IO3 and IO4) and the measured data from the National Online Surveys (IO1). Project findings and pilot evaluations, aggregated in this report are useful for scientific work as well as for further practical developments on the topic of digital work stress. All project results serve as case study for future developments of other trainings, policy development and educational programs / tools. The STRESS-LESS report is one of the pillars for ensuring sustainability of the project results.
Other Resources
In this section you can find useful information and publications on the topic of digitally related stress and relevant interventions to prevent it or mitigate its consequences.

The partners

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